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Making an entrance at the Palazzo Sola-Busca — striking arches and steps of Botticino limestone, designed by Aldo Andreani (1924-30)

Cr: Ingressi di Milano @taschen
La Tulipe (1976) by Jack Bartoli. A medical research center in Geneva; showing that the brutal can too be soft and playful.

Via @morentz_gallery @divisare_ @johannesmarburgphotography
Casa Salvador Dalí, Port Lligat
Windows like orchestral notes
The House of Music, Aalborg, Denmark; built by @coophimmelblau_wolfprix
2nd century (!) fresco, Villa Arianna

This ancient home is an archaeological site near Pompeii. It’s so well-preserved partly because it was buried for millennia, under soot and ash of the catastrophic Mt Vesuvius eruption in 79CE.

Shot beautifully by @elizabethdemontfortwalker
The “Venice of Africa”: Ganvié, a village built entirely on stilts, sits in the middle of Lake Nokoue in Benin. There are 3000 bamboo huts including a church, bank, post office and hospital.

Shot by John Scofield for @natgeo
DeWitt Godfrey’s banded steel sculpture, Pamplona (2006)

Via: @objet_la_ny @dewittgodfreystudio
The Bloom House, Austin, was built in the 70s by architect Charles Harker out of polyurethane foam and covered with concrete stucco.

All the interior woodwork (like that fantastic bar) is hand-sculpted to fit the organic structure.

Main pic: taken by @nylane; reposted from @sister_sister_studio_
Info & pics: @westelmDeWitt Godfrey’s banded steel sculpture, Pamplona (2006)

Via: @objet_la_ny @dewittgodfreystudio
Ellsworth Kelly’s last masterpiece, ‘Austin’: designed to be a “site for joy”.

“The grandest exploration of pure color and form in a seven-decade career spent testing the boundaries of both.” (M.H. Miller)

Image: @archdigest; Ellsworth Kelly Foundation

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